Fabulous answerable questions about the Plynk app and how to use it.

Are you over 18 and resident in the Republic of Ireland? Plynk away, my friend. Plynk will be available in other European countries over the next few months.
Right now, yes you do. We use Login with Facebook because it’s the quickest way for us to determine you are a real person, and not a bot or a fraudster or a FraudBot. Login with Facebook is also the fastest way for us to connect you with friends already using Plynk.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry, we’ll have other ways to open an account soon.
Short answer: no. However we do have a payments partner that gives us access to the banking network. See next question.
No, but we aren’t required to be. Our payments platform is provided by a third party called Prepaid Financial Services (PFS). PFS has an e-money license and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to operate throughout Europe.
Your money is in a ‘payment account’ (think of it as a bank account without an overdraft) that has an IBAN just like your bank’s current account. Your Plynk account can only be accessed by you through our app.
Not quite. In financial regulation lingo, your account with Plynk is known as a ‘payment account’. However, you can do plenty of handy things with a Plynk ‘payment account’ just like you would a current account, such as sending money to other Plynk accounts, receiving money, and paying for things online with a Mastercard. We just can’t call it a bank account because we are not a regulated credit institution (ie. a bank).
Fees, first of all. We don’t charge any, but we can bet your bank does. We also don’t offer overdrafts or credit cards.

When you send money to friends on Plynk, you send it to a name, not an account number. And your friend gets the money instantly – no three-day delays here.
Yep. There are no charges to use Plynk. It’s free for you to use and always will be.
Very, very quickly. Download the Plynk app from the App Store or Google Play. Log in with Facebook, then confirm three pieces of information about yourself: your name, home address, and date of birth.
Easy. Download the app, complete the sign-up process (give us your name, address and date of birth), and you’ll automatically get a virtual Plynk Mastercard.
You can use the Plynk Mastercard online, anywhere you see the logo. Tap to view your card details inside the app, then tap again to copy the card details and paste it in the slot.

Anywhere a regular Mastercard can be used to pay online! Go to 'View Your Card' in the app and tap to view your card details. Tap again to copy the card number and expiry date, then you can add the card details to any payment or checkout page by pasting them in.

Your Plynk MasterCard will also soon be Apple Pay and Android Pay enabled, meaning you will soon be able to use Plynk money anywhere you can pay with contactless.
To load money into your Plynk account, you’ll have to transfer money from your bank account into the IBAN for your Plynk account. It can take up to one business day for the money to come from your bank into Plynk, because banks do transfers in batches (called SEPA cycles) rather than whenever a customer transfers money. Some Irish banks only do these batches once a day, and only between Monday and Friday. So if you transfer money from your bank into Plynk on Saturday or Sunday, we (and you) won’t get it into Plynk until Monday.

We'll have the option to load money from your debit card very soon.
To withdraw money, you first have to load money into your Plynk account from the bank account you want to withdraw to. Use your banking app to transfer money (it can be as little as 1 cent) to your Plynk IBAN. Get your Plynk IBAN in the money section of the app.

When you load money into Plynk it can take up to one business day to appear. When the money comes in, a chat appears with your bank account. In the top corner you’ll see the withdraw button. Tap it and you can send a money message to your bank account.
Not quite. A Plynk account is separate to your bank’s current account. This is what makes the transfers between Plynk accounts instant. You can top up your Plynk account by transferring money from your bank’s current account, or receiving money from friends.
Contact us and we’ll sort it out. Email support@plynk.me

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